Our Mission:

We are Momma owned and operated with a mission to inspire a tranquil mind + body through our serene, luxury collections.

We value providing you with luxurious products made with premium, all natural ingredients.

Our goal is to prioritize quality over quantity to ensure a sustainable and consistent product again and again.

About the Owners -

About the Owners -

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"My experience with this wonderful business has been top notch outstanding! Such a fast turnaround time, pretty much no wait from the time I ordered to receiving! Super fast! The scents are AMAZING! So in love with the look and fragrance these candles give off. Order and you won’t be disappointed!"

-Tsarina Drummond

Got home to find my beautiful candle had been delivered! It smells as beautiful as it looks and the packaging is so lovely! Great job!

-Meg Moruzzi

Drifwood + Juniper - I got this scent!! It’s fabulous!

-Laura Petze

I recently ordered some candles from Serenity’s. They arrived much faster than I expected, are high quality, smell good, look good, and are long lasting! I love the wood wick, which makes me think of a crackling fireplace. Five stars all around!